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We accept all major payment cards.

The printed insurance policy is accepted by Czech consular services all over the world uncodnitionally.


Which insurance type do I need?

You will need a comprehensive health insurance policy to obtain a student visa to the Czechia or for long-term residency.

Which address should I enter in the application form?

It doesn’t matter which address you use in your insurance policy. If you already know your residence address in Czechia then you can use that address. In case you still don’t know where you are going to live in Czechia then you can use your address in the country of your residence.

Your name and date of birth are the most important details, so please take care to input them correctly.

How much does Maxima insurance cost?

At the moment MAXIMA Comprehensive Medical Insurance costs 13 000 crowns for 12 months, with total indemnity limit of 80,000 euros.

MAXIMA Comprehensive Medical Insurance for students costs 12 000 crowns for 12 months, with total indemnity limit of 80,000 euros.

MAXIMA emergency medical care insurance for twelve months costs 9 600 CZK in the Standard and Premium version, with total indemnity limit of 60 thousand euros.

You can find more information here.

How to get an insurance incident refund?

To claim a refund it is necessary to send the original bills and receipts for medical services together with a completed application form “REPORTING A CLAIM OF HEALTH INSURANCE” to the insurance company. You can download the application form here.

How can I get my insurance card?

After you arrive in Czechia send us an email with your address and the insurance card will be sent to you within a few business days by Czech post.

Which medical facilities can I use with my Maxima insurance?

By calling the number +420 296 339 685 you can specify which medical institution to visit to get the necessary assistance as a client of the MAXIMA insurance company.
EUROCROSS ASSISTANCE CZECHIA support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In which language is the insurance policy?

As an official document the insurance policy is in Czech.
However, you can learn more about Terms and Conditions in English here.

I made a mistake while filling in the application form. Is it possible to correct the mistake?

No problem at all. Simply fill out this form and send it to us. We will send a new insurance policy to you immediately.


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