Insurance Programs

A comprehensive health insurance contract is a prerequisite for obtaining a student visa to the Czech Republic or when renewing a residence permit. This contract can only be processed through a Czech insurance company since they are the only licensed entities which are allowed to provide such services.

The MAXIMA insurance company offers the GAUDEAMUS program which is specifically designed for students and for young people from 10 to 26 years of age that wish to study in the Czech Republic.
With GAUDEAMUS, the insured person can receive quality medical care throughout the entire territory of the Czech Republic, as well as in the Schengen countries.
This insurance plan covers up to 2 million Czech crowns and 5.000 crowns for dental services.


All products are available through online registration and take only a few moments to complete.

An insured person under the GAUDEAMUS health insurance program has the right to:

  1. A routine inspection at the therapist once a year
  2. A routine inspection at the dentist once a year
  3. Women older than 15 years receive
    • A routine inspection at the gynecologist once a year
    • Mandatory vaccination in the same volume that provides civic health insurance in the Czech Republic in the current year

The policy of comprehensive health insurance of a foreigner is only valid in conjunction with the completed questionnaire on health status, conditions of contract, confirmation of payment and general insurance conditions.

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